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Shirley Purdie

Shirley Purdie

My Story, Ngaginybe Jarragbe

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Published: 1st October 2020
Publisher Name: Magabala Books
Author: Shirley Purdie
ISBN: 9781925936131
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32


Age range 0 to 9 I am Shirley Purdie This is my story Ngayin-ga Birrmarriyan-nga Berrembi jarragbe ngaginybe.  My mother shows me how to get bushtucker and she shows me how to paint. Now I'm a famous artist.  My paintings are all over the world hanging in important places. Happy times.  Told in English and Gija, this is the story of Shirley Purdie, famous Gija artist, as told through her paintings, as part of the Ngaalim-Ngalimboorro Ngagenybe exhibition created for the 2018 National Portrait Gallery exhibition So Fine: Contemporary women artists make Australian history.

The exhibition will be rehung, in Gallery 1, to coincide with the launch of My Story, along with a series of cultural engagement activities based on My Story.  This is the first book in the Kimberley Art Centre Series. The series focuses on developing the skills of Kimberley Aboriginal artists in children's picture book storytelling and illustration. 

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