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Captain Toby


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Published: 1st May 2021
Publisher Name: Scallywag Press
Author: Satoshi Kitamura
ISBN: 9781912650743
Format: Hardback
Pages: 28


Age range 3 to 6 It's a dark and stormy night and Toby cannot sleep. The whole house seems to be tossing and turning like a ship in the middle of the ocean...and soon Toby enters a fantasy world where he is indeed at sea, caught up in a strange and wild adventure. Luckily, Toby's cat makes up the crew of his ship, and together they chart a course through the storm and fend off a giant sea monster — with the last minute help of a mystery submarine which comes to their aid.

But hang on, the submarine is manned by his Grandma and Grandpa! Soon they are back in the safety of the harbour, ready for breakfast — but lift the flap for one last surprise! Dramatic and surreal, there is danger and bravery with a large dose of the surreal, and lots more to notice on every re-read.