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Ride the Wind

Skydragon 3

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Published: 28th September 2021
Publisher Name: A&U Children's
Author: Anh Do & Illustrated by James Hart
ISBN: 9781760879013
Format: Paperback
Pages: 200


Amber and her insects are back in a thrilling adventure with old friends and new villains!

The agents fled as the fire took hold of the wooden cabin and any evidence of Skydragon's identity burned to ashes.

Sounds of crackling flames and cracking wood filled the forest, followed by shouts of 'Me? No way, you tell him!' as the agents argued over who was going to call their boss to explain how Skydragon had gotten away from them … again.

Amber is tired of being hunted, and sick of being afraid. Maybe she can escape her destiny and live a normal life, like a normal girl.

But two new villains are on the prowl, and when other people's lives are on the line, will Amber hide ... or will she rise?