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How the Big Bad Wolf Got His Commeuppance

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Published: 1st January 2022
Publisher Name: Enchanted Lion Books
Author: Lisa Wilke Pope Illustrated by Arthur Geisert
ISBN: 9781592703142
Format: Hardback
Pages: 40


Age range 6 to 9 When the Big Bad Wolf goes after three little pigs in Iowa, he's ill-prepared for just how inventive they can be! What if the three little pigs' mother warned them about the big, bad wolf so that they could plan for — and even count on — his huffing and puffing? In this creative retelling, readers will be just as astonished as the wolf to discover how each pigs' strategic engineering unexpectedly leads to the familiar happy ending.

Award-winning master etcher Arthur Geisert returns to his Clayton County, Iowa trilogy in this follow-up to Pumpkin Island. But this time, Geisert is back with his legendary pigs, whose remarkable resourcefulness and can-do spirit saved the day in Ice and The Giant Seed! Paired with Geisert's inventive and intricate illustrations, debut talent Lisa Pope Wilke's understated and droll text is sure to surprise and delight.

Geisert and Wilke both live in Elkader, Iowa, where Geisert creates children's books and Wilke serves as the director of the public library.