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Australian Transport - Road Transport

Australian Transport - Road Transport

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Published: 1st June 2018
Publisher Name: Redback Publishing
Author: Alison Hideki
ISBN: 9781925630602
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32


Vehicles transport goods and people on Australian roads. Read about the first roads built in Australia, and the horse-drawn and bullock-drawn vehicles that travelled on them. Find out about the first cars and the construction of strong roads, bridges and tunnels to carry the growing numbers of cars, trucks and buses. Learn about the pollution problems caused by the huge numbers of vehicles on Australian roads today, and ways to make road vehicles of the future more environmentally friendly.

About the Australian Transport Series:
This bright and informative new series looks at the development of our transport systems and what they mean for life in Australia today. Topics such as the technology involved, issues of safety and the environment and employment in this field are covered. For ages 7 to 12.