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Being Black 'n Chicken, and Chips


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Published: 31st March 2021
Publisher Name: Lothian Children's Books
Author: Matt Okine
ISBN: 9780734420671
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320


A heartbreaking and often hilarious story about trying to grow up when everything is falling apart from one of Australia's leading comic talents. Themes of grief, loss, identity and the pressure to fit in.

Mike Amon just wants to fit in. He wants to be a star athlete. He wants his dad to stop embarrassing him. He wants his first kiss. He also wants his mum to survive.

When his mum is diagnosed with advanced cancer, Mike figures if he gets his own life right and makes his mum proud, maybe it'll be enough to help her get better.

But this might be harder than it looks. First, he has to move in with his African dad whose skills in the kitchen don't extend beyond heating up frozen chicken nuggets. Then he has to contend with the school bully who has it in for him, and all while navigating puberty as a late bloomer and trying to face a serious phobia of jellyfish.

As if that wasn't enough, the girl he has a crush on has her own heartbreak to deal with, and after a dramatic encounter down at the Jetty, Mike finds himself being rushed to hospital nursing the worst injury imaginable.

If he can't even sort out his own problems, how can he possibly save his mum?

Based on Matt Okine's award-winning stand-up show, this is a heart-breaking and hilarious story about trying to grow up when everything around you is falling down.