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The List of Things that Will Not Change

The List of Things that Will Not Change


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Published: 15th April 2020
Publisher Name: Text Publishing
Author: Rebecca Stead
ISBN: 9781922268679
Format: Paperback
Pages: 9781922268679


Mom and Dad told me about the divorce at a 'family meeting'. I sat on the couch, between them. They didn't look happy, and I suddenly got worried that something was wrong with our cat, Red. That they were going to tell me he was dying. But that wasn't it.

When Bea's parents got divorced, there were big changes for Bea, and also lots of things that stayed the same. But it's not always easy living in two separate apartments.

When her dad announces that he and his boyfriend, Jesse, are getting married, Bea is excited that Jesse's daughter will become the sister she's always wanted. But as the wedding approaches, Bea's joy is clouded by a terrible secret she has kept hidden since last summer.

Rebecca Stead's delightful middle-grade novel about family and friendship will be loved by young readers.