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The Wild Lands

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Published: 28th January 2020
Publisher Name: St Martins Press
Author: Paul Greci
ISBN: 9781250233356
Format: Paperback
Pages: 400


When a collapsing U.S. government abandoned an Alaska ravaged by earthquakes and wildfires, Travis’s family chose not to evacuate. Too late, they realized their mistake. Now Travis and his younger sister Jess must cross hundreds of miles to head south, in search of what remains of civilization. The wilderness they’re crossing is filled with ravenous animals and strangers competing for dwindling resources.

Travis and Jess will make a few friends and a lot of enemies on their terrifying journey—and they'll have to fight for what they believe in as they see how far people will go to survive.

This pulse-pounding thriller, full of shocking plot twists, reads like a zombie story without the zombies—just hardscrabble survivors competing for society’s remains.