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All Ways Family

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Published: 15th February 2020
Publisher Name: Magination Press
Author: Noemi Ferníndez Selva and Cristina Losantos
ISBN: 9781433831522
Format: Hardback
Pages: 64


Paula will soon have a little brother. Martina wonders why she only has a mom, and John remembers when he was adopted.  Families are like people: No two are alike! Some kids live with their mom and dad, some kids live with two moms or two dads or just one parent. Lots of kids are adopted. Some kids know their birth parents, some do not.

All Ways Family is a story about all the kinds of families and all about yours, too! You will also discover how babies are conceived, where babies come from, and how families become families. Contains informative end matter with a glossary of terms and frequently asked questions.