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The Key To Finding Jack


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Published: 18th May 2020
Publisher Name: Head Of Zeus - Zehpyr
Author: Ewa Jozefkowicz
ISBN: 9781800240421
Format: Paperback
Pages: 256


Flick's big brother, Jack, goes missing in Peru and Flick must find the key to his whereabouts. But can she solve the biggest puzzle of all: who Jack really is? Flick's big brother, Jack, goes missing in Peru and she is desperate to find him. But can she solve the greatest mystery of all: who Jack really is? A heartwarming, third novel from Waterstones Prize shortlisted author, Ewa Jozefkowicz, about the unbreakable bond between siblings. Twelve-year-old Flick adores Jack and loves solving puzzles with him. But Jack is soon to flee the family nest and Flick worries she'll lose her partner in crime.

Dad wants Jack to take his future more seriously, but Flick doesn't want her prankster brother ever to change. During his gap year in Peru, tragedy strikes when an earthquake devastates the region and no one knows what has happened to Jack. Flick and her family are thrown into the horrible unknown. Soon afterwards, she is bewildered to find a pendant engraved with the initials ST in his room, and clings to the hope that ST (whoever that is) might hold the clue to finding her brother. When she sets out to uncover the identity of its owner, she meets new friends, rekindles a special relationship and discovers a whole new side to Jack. Intriguing clues from a legend about Inca gold, to a key with magical powers help her along the way.

Featuring a story within a story and a mystery to solve, The Key to Finding Jack , is about sacrifice and courage, the riches of family, friendship and the power of living life to the full.