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Ben Braver and the Vortex of Doom

The Super Life of Ben Braver 3

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Published: 3rd March 2020
Publisher Name: A & U Children
Author: Marcus Emerson
ISBN: 9781760631703
Format: Paperback
Pages: 320


Ben Braver is selected to go to a school for children with super powers even though he doesn't actually have a super power. An hilarious adventure series about super powers, unbelievable inventions, and the greatness that lies within any kid who dreams big.

Ben Braver has one day to save the world.

The students of Kepler Academy are under threat...again. And, this time, so is the rest of the world. Ben Braver might just be humanity's only hope.

Ben will have to overcome all kinds of enemies, including a reckless time-traveller, the Abandoned Children and The Reaper. But not everyone is who they seem - and when Ben finally gets his superpower, will he learn to use it in time to save everyone from total destruction?

Ben Braver is no match for a band of super villains - is he?

From the author of the bestselling Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja series, Ben Braver and the Vortex of Doom is the action-packed finale to the hilarious, fast-paced and outrageous adventures of an ordinary kid living an extraordinary life.