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Incredible Feats of Engineering
Category:   STEM

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Published: 1st March 2020
Publisher Name: Kings Road Publishing
Author: Colin Hynson Illustrated by Giulia Lombardo
ISBN: 9781787413481
Format: Hardback
Pages: 72


Colossus explores some of the greatest feats of engineering in history, from ancient pyramids to enormous bridges to towering skyscrapers. 

Have you ever wondered how the Golden Gate Bridge was built, or how workers with basic tools created enormous monuments in ancient times? And how do you build a flying laboratory in space? From enormous bridges and tunnels that run for hundreds of miles, to towering skyscrapers and massive space stations ... discover how some of Earth's most colossal structures were made in beautifully illustrated detail.

Colossus includes the Sphinx, Golden Gate Bridge, Shanghai Tower, an International Space Station, and much more!