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Atticus Van Tasticus - The Map of Half Maps


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Published: 3rd March 2020
Publisher Name: Penguin
Author: Andrew Daddo
ISBN: 9781760892913
Format: Paperback
Pages: 272


ATTICUS VAN TASTICUS is back. And this time he means business. Having escaped certain disaster on the high seas, he's on the scent of treasure. Then the call comes from above- 'Ship ahoy, Captain, ship ahoy!'

If only it were good news, which of course it ain't. Vicious, mean and mighty unclean Bjorn Ironhead is on the warpath - and Atticus and his crew are in his sights. Stay and fight, or run and hide? But where do you hide a pirate ship, and who's this Captain Half Map, and, most of all, where's that TREASURE OF TREASURRRRES?!

Join Atticus and his crew as they roll from one adventure to certain disasterrrrr...

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