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Margot Mertz Takes it Down


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Published: 27th October 2021
Publisher Name: Hardie Grant Children's Publishing
Author: Carrie McCrossen and Ian McWethy
ISBN: 9781760509712
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384


Veronica Mars meets Moxie in this hilarious and biting contemporary YA novel about Margot Mertz, a girl who runs an internet cleanup business and is hellbent on taking down a revenge-porn site targeting the girls in her school.
For the right price, high school student Margot Mertz will go to the ends of the internet to remove your virtual skeletons or mortifying DMs. But when a fellow student hires her to take down some leaked nudes, Margot discovers a secret revenge porn site featuring her classmates.
Margot is hellbent on taking the site down – and the mastermind (read: asshole) who created it. So with the help of an unwitting ally, Margot starts to dig. But as the case becomes darker and the feels get deeper, Margot realizes some jobs are so dirty, no-one comes away clean.
Even her.
A hilarious and biting contemporary novel about making the dirtbags pay.