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A Squiggly Line

A Squiggly Line

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Published: 2nd March 2022
Publisher Name: Little Pink Dog Books
Author: Robert Vescio & Illustrated by Kathy Creamer
ISBN: 9780648652816
Format: Hardback
Pages: 40


Squiggly Line is a story about the pursuit of one’s dream, similar to the rules of taming the life we live. The boy in the story starts with a blank page…he doesn’t know much about what he’s about to draw, but he knows he has a grasp on how to make it happen. During the process, even though his drawing may seem squiggly and messy at first, he soon discovers surprises along the way–surprises that he never thought existed. And from that moment, his creation comes to play.

Told in a unique way full of play and creativity, the story will send a powerful message about the endless possibilities of having fun with one’s imagination. It will help children to explore how they can turn a simple squiggly line into a playful idea.

A Squiggly Line is a fun and entertaining story about how life is very much the same as a squiggly line. Our squiggly line, our life, is shaped by the directions we take in our lives.

A Squiggly Line 
is a story about embracing life’s journey and creating the life you want. It shares lessons for life. It offers great advice for anyone. It’s a simple message about life and what it entails to sail on a pursuit of one’s dreams. This story will appeal to children graduating, celebrating a milestone or mastering the first day of school. It’s a great inspirational story to motivate children. Like the child in the story, we all have a life that yearns to be created!