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A story of the goldfields

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Published: 28th January 2020
Publisher Name: Lothian Children's Books
Author: Mark Wilson
ISBN: 9780734416810
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32


Molly and her father have emigrated to Australia to try their luck as gold prospectors in Ballarat, Victoria. Life on the diggings is hard and Molly misses her mother, who died before they left England. A Chinese teenager, Chen, shows Molly and her Papa how to pan for gold and helps them when their food and money run out.

Not everyone on the goldfields is friendly, however. Chen and other Chinese diggers are often bullied and the police lock up miners who haven't paid the exorbitant gold licence fee. Before long, Molly, Papa and Chen are caught up in a protest that will become known as the Eureka Rebellion - a legendary battle that will profoundly affect them all.