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Amazing Animal Colonies - Corals

Amazing Animal Colonies - Corals

Secrets of Their Reef-Making Colonies
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Published: 1st July 2019
Publisher Name: Capstone
Author: Rebecca Stefoff
ISBN: 9781543555561
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32


Huge coral reefs can stretch across oceans for miles! But take a closer look, and you'll see that each coral is actually a tiny, simple animal. Discover how both hard and soft corals build colonies. Then learn about the threats to corals and their reefs and how people can protect them.

Animals are a perennially popular topic with kids; the protection of coral reefs is a concern among scientists and is an increasingly discussed topic among environmentalists; Meets NGSS standards for third grade on Biological evolution: unity and diversity; includes information on how corals—and the reefs they build—are important to the ocean ecosystem and the importance of protecting them; infographics support the text.