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 An Illustrated History of Science

An Illustrated History of Science


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Published: 1st July 2021
Publisher Name: Arcturus Publishing
Author: Mary Cruse
ISBN: 9781789502343
Format: Hardback
Pages: 256


In An Illustrated History of Science, Mary Cruse takes readers on a fascinating journey through the evolution of this discipline in its many strands. Throughout the centuries, our conception of what constitutes 'science' has developed hugely - from ancient natural philosophers and medieval alchemists to Renaissance scholars and Enlightenment reformers. Modern science evokes images of bubbling test tubes and spotless lab coats, but this limited perception inhibits us in truly understanding the progress of science throughout history. Cruse does not fall into this trap.

Learn about the development of agricultural tools, the study of weather patterns, mapmaking, mathematics and modern geology. Delve into the cutting-edge science of the 21st century - genetic engineering, artificial intelligence, sustainable energy projects. Cruse even speculates on which breakthroughs are yet to come...