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Viruses - Don't Be Scared Be Prepared

Viruses - Don't Be Scared Be Prepared


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Published: 1st April 2021
Publisher Name: Edizioni White Star
Author: Matteo Crivellini
ISBN: 9788854417786
Format: Hardback


Fear is a natural emotion and, however irrational, it can be rationalised for the little ones by showing its causes and methods of action. In this book, children will be explained what viruses are - a more-than ever actual topic, how they move and what behaviours help to limit their spreading. The texts style is fun and light, with ironic notes and scientific background, while the lively illustrations help to deliver what could be a complicated message with an immediate understanding.

A new series for the little ones to face every fear with science. Oswald the virus will teach in first person that children don't have to be scared of him and his fellow viruses, but instead to face them with the right knowledge.