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World's Weirdest Bugs

World's Weirdest Bugs

The Tiny Aliens Among Us
Category:   STEM

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Published: 5th March 2018
Publisher Name: New Holland Publishers
Author: Paul Zborowski
ISBN: 9781921580369
Format: Hardback
Pages: 48


Over a million species of insects have already been named, catalogued and pictured. Theories as to how many are still to be named in collections, and discovered for the first time in the wild, vary considerably. However a figure of over 2 million is conservative. 

Imagine natural selection, the environmental forces acting on the survival of a species in a particular habitat, working over millions of years to adapt forms and behaviour for survival. As these changes are driven by random mutations in huge populations of a species, some of these mutations are neutral. They neither hinder nor help the species to survive. However to us observers some of these mutations can be pretty weird. The colour palette available is almost infinite, the shapes also, and why not have wild coloured eyes, or bizarre lumps, spines and duverlakies Whatever doesn't hurt survival can stay and develop further over time...

This book contains example stories from all over the world.