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Jørn’s Magnificent Imagination

Jørn’s Magnificent Imagination

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Published: 5th October 2022
Publisher Name: Exisle publishing
Author: Coral Vas and Nicky Johnston
ISBN: 9781922539144
Format: Hardback
Pages: 32


Celebrating new ideas that can make a world of difference, Jørn’s Magnificent Imagination is the true story of Jørn Utzon, the architect of the world-renowned Sydney Opera House.

Was it a sailboat, a seashell, a swan or an orange peel that inspired Jørn to design Australia’s most recognisable building? In this gorgeously illustrated story, we follow Jørn through childhood as he discovers his love of building and creating, gathering ideas from everything around himself. When he grows bigger, so do his ideas, and something begins to take shape… can you guess what it might be?

Jørn’s story is about embracing dreams, believing in your own abilities, and the power of new ideas. Written in honour of the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Sydney Opera House, it is also a topical springboard for educators and families into how the iconic landmark came to be. In celebrating the incredibly talented Jørn Utzon, it shows children that there are no limits to what they might achieve if they follow their dreams.

In a world of screens and busyness, Jørn’s Magnificent Imagination is an important reminder of the joy in taking the time to dream and create, a reminder which might just benefit children and their carers alike. Charming and heart-warming, it will enthral and inspire young readers, encouraging them to look at the world around them and use their imagination to its full potential.